Your Project is Unique. we love that.

From six second ads to feature films, we have done it all. We know what is required to best tell your story, and we build out each project's strategy and team based on your specific needs. We work closely with your creative and marketing teams to ensure that each video perfectly aligns with your organization's brand and goals. We don't rest until you have a video that meets our high standards and exceeds your expectations. We love doing this stuff, and whether it's a $1,000 quick editing turnaround or a $50,000 multi-layered video campaign, this is what gets us fired up every morning. 

Our Video Production Process

(feel free to jump in at any point)


Strategic Consulting

Concept Development

Production Scheduling

Shot List Development

Video Editing

Voiceover & Music

On-Location or In-Studio

4K Equipment and Workflow

Output for Web or Broadcast

Integrate on Social & Website

We want you to know what to expect when we’re working together. We have created videos literally overnight when the need arises, but our normal production schedule will have the finished videos in your hands 2-4 weeks after the process begins.


Here is what our production process looks like, with a typical timeframe for each step:

Pre-Production (1-10 Days)


Onboarding in-person meeting or phone call - this usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

We will get to know you and your company and talk about your project ideas, needs, and goals.

We want to make sure that we are the right fit for you. And if it's not us that you need, we want to help get you to the right people.

Plan of Attack

We will build a strategy to best serve your needs while staying within your budget and timeline.

Once this strategy is in place, we will create a concept and write a rough script for your video(s). 

Finalize Script

We will present to you the concept and rough script.

We will discuss the reasoning behind each decision and give you a chance to provide feedback and request changes if necessary.



We will work with you to find the perfect time and place for the production of your video (this is often your place of business).

We will schedule the Production Crew and provide you with a complete rundown of your shoot day so that you know exactly what to expect.

Once the concept and script have been finalized and the shoot scheduled, we will send you the first invoice, which covers 50% of the total.

Production (1-5 Days)

Production Begins

On the day of the shoot your Production Crew will show up as scheduled. A typical production schedule might look something like this:

Half Day Shoot:

- 1 hour of setup/breakdown.

- 1-2 hours of interviews/talking heads.

- 1-2 hours of b-roll.

Full Day Shoot:

- 1 hour of setup/breakdown.

- 3-4 hours of interviews/talking heads.

- 3-4 hours of b-roll.

That's a Wrap!

At the end of your scheduled shoot, your Producer will work with you to make sure that everything went as expected.

The Production Crew will clean up, wrap for the day, and the footage will be delivered to our Editing Team. 

Post-Production (1-20 Days)

Into The Cutting Room

- Our editing team will begin to compile the footage and begin creating your videos.

- Working with your Producer, they will ensure that your vision is brought to life.

- When the Producer and Editor are happy with your video, they will upload a rough version for your review.

Time for Feedback

Your Producer will send you a link to review your rough video and time to compile your thoughts and comments. 

Another call or meeting will be scheduled to discuss the video and any necessary changes or updates that you would like to see.

The Final Cut

The Editor will take your notes and get to work on the next cut. This continues until you are completely thrilled with the finished video.

Once you give final approval on your video, we will prepare final exports in all required digital formats and send you download links. 

Along with the final download links, we will send an invoice for the remaining 50%.

If you need your video completed in less than 2 weeks, please let us know as soon as possible - we can work within any time constraints, but we do have to charge rush fees due to the need to shift schedules and team priorities. 

We'd love to tell you more about our passion for creating outstanding video content for each client.

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch shortly.