Types of Videos You Should Consider

Types of Marketing Videos and How to Best Utilize Each

The importance of marketing videos cannot be emphasized enough. Being extremely engaging types of content, videos can not only be used to relay information far quicker than other mediums, but it is also possible for you to improve your online presence and let the true personality of your business shine through.

With that said, there are several different types of marketing videos – each of which offers a unique range of benefits and can be used by businesses for completely different purposes.

Interested in learning all about the different types of videos and how they can be used? Read on to find out how each type of marketing video can be used.

Product Videos

Product videos have recently become extremely popular – and for good reason. Product videos allow companies to put all of the features and benefits of the product in question in the spotlight in a way that’s bound to influence the decision of viewers.

More often than not, product videos today feature a real person using the product or service being marketed. Having someone use the product or service in the video all while explaining what it can do for you makes these videos far more relatable. Since these videos typically do not talk about the negatives of the product or service in question, it is common for viewers of the video to feel confident in their decision to purchase or use the product being promoted.

Brand Videos

One of the most popular types of marketing videos, brand videos are used by businesses and companies to spark interest among target audiences by explaining all that their products and services can do for customers. Using brand videos, companies and businesses across the globe also increase brand awareness and influence the decision of prospects by highlighting what makes the brand in question stand out of the crowd.

The best part about brand videos is that creators are not limited in their options in any way. Brand videos can not only be of variable lengths, but companies and businesses can also leverage various tactics to ensure that their true personality shines through the video in order to connect with their audiences in a more convincing and persuasive manner.

These videos give brands, companies, and organizations a chance to truly stand out from the crowd and show the viewer what makes them unique.

Demo Videos

The concept behind demo videos is similar to product videos in many ways. Like product videos, demo videos, too, focus on explaining how the product or service in question can be beneficial to consumers. One major difference between the two types of videos, however, is the fact that demo videos may include negative aspects of the product or service in a very subtle manner in order to make the entire experience more realistic and believable.

When made tactfully, demo videos, too, can have the same effects as product videos and can be used to increase sales.

One great tactic when creating these types of videos for marketing products is to use influencers or celebrities in your demo videos in order to add to the credibility of the brand, product, or service that’s being promoted.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos come in various shapes and sizes, and can be used in a number of different ways. They are often used for employee or contractor training, and when used in this way can help ensure that certain processes or techniques are performed the same way each and every time.

These videos can also be used to teach or train consumers on how to best use a product or utilize a specific service. When utilized correctly, instructional videos essentially serve as as a more visually stimulating version of a training/instructional manual, and can help many people engage in the learning process.


The human element in marketing cannot be understated – and testimonial videos serve as the ideal type of content in this regard. By featuring testimonials from real customers in your videos, you can show prospects not only what your other customers and consumers think about your service, but they can also be leveraged to show your target audience that you are always ready to incorporate feedback in order to grow as a business.

Interview Videos

Interview videos are some of the most underrated types of marketing videos that are created today. Similar to Testimonials, they provide the viewer with a chance to hear from and see a person actually discussing the topic at hand. Slightly different from a testimonial, however, interviews give the director and editor more creative license to tell the story in a way that is best for the client.

Interviews are a great way to have your story told in a way that is trustworthy but that also includes your guiding hand throughout the process.

Event Videos

Nearly all companies host or participate in events in some way or the other – but not enough audiences are aware of that. In order to come off as a more social, welcoming, and innovative company that’s always up for collaboration, you can start making and promoting videos of every event that your company or business is a part. By seeing the quality of an event, the number of people involved, or even just the fun atmosphere, others will get a better sense of your organization's culture and reach.

Love the benefits that marketing videos offer? Get started with making your own marketing videos today, and prepare to experience unprecedented results!