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At Fluxtown we know that your time is valuable, and so is your sanity. With this in mind, we have created 3 Standard Video Tiers that many of our projects fall into. Each of these tiers includes camera(s), boom/lavalier audio recording, and a 3-point lighting setup for interviews and talking heads.


We're also not afraid to show you our pricing. Upfront video pricing is something that is incredibly difficult to find online. These tiers and prices are based on the production of a single video. Producing multiple videos from a single shoot will lower the price per video dramatically, and we would love to talk you through that process and get you a free custom quote if that better describes your project needs. We know that our rates are extremely competitive, and we encourage you to get quotes from several production companies before making a final decision - if you can.

If you are looking to create a series of videos for your various online channels or have recurring, predictable video needs, our Subscription Plans may be the best solution for you.

Here are our three Standard Video Tiers, with some basic descriptions of what to expect with each:

Starter - $1,950

What You Can Expect with the Starter Tier

- Typical length is 15 Seconds to 1 Minute.

- Half day on-location shoot with one Cinematographer.

- Beautiful Graphics, Text, and Branding.

- Standard edit with up to two rounds of revisions included.

Pairs Well With

Short Digital Advertisements

Event Promos and Recaps

Social Media Content

Introduction Videos

Classic - $2,950

What You Can Expect with the Classic Tier

- Typical length is 30 Seconds to 3 Minutes.

- Full day on-location shoot with one Cinematographer.

- Fully Integrated Graphics, Text, and Branding.

- Layered and complex edit with up to three rounds of revisions included.

Pairs Well With

Short Promotional Videos

Small Business and Law Firm Marketing Videos

Website Welcomes

Advanced Online Advertising

Premier - $4,950

What You Can Expect with the Premier Tier

- Typical length is 30 Seconds to 5 Minutes.

- Full day on-location shoot with two Cinematographers.

- Advanced Graphics, Text, and Branding.

- Layered and complex edit with up to four rounds of revisions included.

Pairs Well With

In-Depth Promotional Videos

Campaign and Fundraising Videos

Training or Instructional Videos

TV Commercials

Real Estate - Starting at $600

Types of Real Estate We Help You Market:

- Residential

- Commercial

- Industrial

- Farm/Ranch/Land

About Our Real Estate Videography Services:

- Typical video length is 1 to 2 minutes

- Our typical shoot takes about an hour

- Drone footage is included in the standard rate

Standard Rate ($600):

- 1 hour shoot (drone included) during regular business hours

- Homes and commercial buildings up to 5,000 square feet

- Up to 2 minute finished video tour

- Music and Standard Titles included

Additional Costs:

- $125 - Twilight timeslot

-   $75 - Each additional 1,000 square feet

- $100 - Each additional 30 seconds of finished video

- $150 - Advanced graphics and titles

- $100 - Expedited (next business day) video turnaround

There are certain services that may not be included in the Standard Video Tiers, but can be added if needed. These services include:

- Additional Crew Members, such as Field Producers, Videographers, Sound Mixers, Lighting Designers, Grips, and Production Assistants

- Advanced Multi-Camera, Lighting, and Sound Setups 

- Location Fees and Studio Rentals

- On-screen Talent (Actors)

- Voiceover Artists

- Stock Footage and Photos

- Photography services

If you are needing to create multiple videos, or if you feel that your video needs do not fall into our Standard Video Tiers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to talk through your vision and provide you with a free custom quote.

Want to learn more about how our Standard Video Tiers and Simple Pricing can simplify your life?

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch shortly.